Access Control Systems in Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, FL, & throughout Broward, & Miami-Dade Counties

Fire Alarm Systems and Security is ready to create and customize your access control systems. Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll create the system that controls who has access to areas that protect your business and inventory. For 30 years, we have been working to enhance the security and safety of companies by installing new technology that enhances our customers’ security throughout Davie, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, FL, and areas in Broward, Palm Beach & Miami Dade Counties

Access Control System in Miami Beach, FL with finger scanner and keypadCustomized Access Control Systems

FASS works with companies of any size. We have created access control systems as small as two doors up to systems with hundreds of doors with various control methods. Your needs and security desires will drive which system we design and install for you. Some companies may only need door access systems while other companies need systems for different levels & types of access determined by position and clearance. All of these different options can be combined into one system, streamlining your management and monitoring.

Creating your access control system may be a new process for your company or may need tightening and redesigning of current controls. We recommend going through the following procedure:

  1. Authorization – create the personnel list of who is authorized and at what locations. This may be a matrix of different areas by position or security level.
  2. Authenticate – once the authorization list is created, various access control system locations will be able to authenticate the individual requesting entry access. Sometimes this might include someone showing their ID and face or fingerprint to a monitor.
  3. Deny or allow entry – this is when the access is triggered and security is permitted, usually by unlocking an entry. This can also trigger a recording of closing a door. If using the video method, the denying or allowing of entry could be overridden by a manual process.
  4. Manage and monitor – this a continual process of checking user data and updating as employees leave, enter, or expand access.

Access Control Systems for Compliance

Many companies need to prove access control and history as part of a compliance process. This may include:

  • HIPAA – for hospitals, medical offices, and health insurance
  • PCI Credit Care regulations – banks, insurance organizations and businesses that process credit card transactions.
  • Company intellectual property and research – as part of investment and ownership agreements and cybersecurity

Access Control System in Fort Lauderdale with Video Surveillance SystemTypes of Access Control Systems

FASS can program and create your access control systems plan will depend on the number of users and level of security you desire.

Physical – A smart card or key fob. Often used when multiple employees are using an entrance as an example. Too many employees entering a password or numeric codes would be time-consuming. Some employers also use smart codes as timecards.

Specific user-based knowledge – this is a particular password or numeric sequence that is unique to each user. This ensures a smart card or key fob could not be taken and entry gained without authorization.

User personal identity – this is unique to the user and cannot be taken, speculated, or supplied. Examples would be a fingerprint or face recognition. The latter through software or video surveillance.

FASS will customize your access control system to whatever security you require and request. Let us design your system and create the monitoring program you need.