CCTV Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, and Security Camera Systems in Davie, Sunny Isles Beach, Hollywood, FL, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, FL, & throughout Broward, & Miami-Dade Counties

Fire Alarm Systems and Security is a leading direct supplier and installer of CCTV systems and security camera system installations throughout South Florida. We have a very large supply available and can also special order anything you need. Video surveillance systems have to be functional for the service you need.

Closed Circuit TV surveillance systems have come a long way since we first started. Now customers have options for:

  • high-definition resolution
  • motion detection
  • night or low light
  • full color
  • outside that can withstand environmental conditions
  • dome cameras
  • maneuverable

CCTV Systems in Fort Lauderdale, FLSecurity Camera System

Condos, high-rises, and multi-tenant buildings are some of our commercial clients that are interested in security camera systems. Having accurate accountability of all entrances helps to maintain peace of mind for all residents. We can walk through your building and recommend a comprehensive plan that will cover all areas of entry, hidden areas, and any other compromised areas. Occasionally customers will need a record of entry and exit. We can work to give you the storage you need for as long as you would like to maintain records.

Video Surveillance Systems

Another one of our specialties is video surveillance systems for sensitive areas. A company may have special inventory or sensitive information that needs to be monitored. These types of video surveillance can also work for entry control. For example, you may want to have each person that requests entry to a sensitive area be manually verified each time. This can ensure a key fob isn’t stolen, a password isn’t presumed, and goes to protect your most valuable assets including high-priced inventory or trade secrets.

CCTV Systems Retrofit

If your CCTV System has not been upgraded lately or you have experienced break-ins, call us for a free estimate on a retrofit. We can give your total system a review and show you where your organization could benefit from an upgrade or addition of more security cameras. Unfortunately, too many companies are still using cameras that don’t function in the area they are placed that have improper lighting control or fuzzy pictures. Get the CCTV system that protects your property and occupants.