Bi-Directional Amplifier Installation in Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami Beach, and Sunny Isles Beach, FL

You have a large building or a complex of buildings in Fort Lauderdale, and you want to be able to communicate with people anywhere in the building. This might be by the use of two-way radios, for example for the custodial staff in large medical buildings or office buildings. Or this might include cellular enhancements such that you can use your cell phone deep inside a building or parking structure.

Whatever your situation might be in Sunny Isles Beach, having a BDA, or bi-directional amplifier installed, or more likely several of them installed, will increase the reliability of your communications and ensure that everyone who needs to be connected can be, no matter where they are.

Signal Degradation Is the Cause

Have you wondered why sometimes that you can go places, even inside structures in Miami Beach, and the signal you have on your cell phone or two-way radio is great? And yet at other times or locations, the signal cuts off and you can’t get in touch with anyone. The difference is most likely due to signal enhancement or degradation, depending on each case. There are a number of things that can cause signal degradation, not the least of which is steel and concrete buildings, as well as being underground.

In order to counteract this signal degradation that occurs, you can have a bi-directional amplifier installed. In all likelihood, you will need to strategically install several of these BDAs to ensure full coverage for your situation in Davie.

How Does Installation Work

What you will first need is to have an antenna that can receive and send in a clear line of sight to a local cellular tower, if that is what you want to have enhanced. This antenna will then be used to connect to the bi-directional amplifiers that you install, and the BDAs themselves should be able to create a network of coverage so that no matter where you are in your Hollywood building you can have a signal. If you are setting up BDAs for two-way radio coverage only, you will not require an external antenna, but you will need to have the BDAs installed such that they create that mesh network so that no matter where you are in the building or complex, you can use your two-way radio to talk with anyone that you might need to.